[RPG] W40K: Arbitrator not very successful


Some months ago I joined an advanced (in term of career) W40K/Dark Heresy campaign with an Arbitrator, the master is good and the players are funny and prepared. But honestly I'm not sure how an Arbitrator could 'work' not just in our campaign, but in any W40K campaign.

I mean, how often it happens that you have to kill without the possibility to concede a regular process? How often do you stumble around xeno technology and knowledge you shouldn't possess? How often are you out of your jurisdiction and can't act? From what I understand, I should have executed me and my party (which has a psionic, and I know it) so many times I couldn't count them.

I'm sure I miss something, but still the feasibility of an Arbitrator in an adventurer's group, to me, seems pretty low. Tech-priests with their mechanical arms? Sure. Assassins with big rifles? Obviously. Guardsmen full of rockets and grenades? They can't miss in a group. But Arbitrators, I don't know.

They don't have many social abilities, they are not good with weapons… Personally my character has 49 intelligence, maxed. With good skills, the ones with +20, I can arrive to 69, but they are not many, and so I often fail my checks. This isn't right for a pc with around 10000 xp, it mustn't be, he must have a strength, somewhere.

So I don't know if I'm missing something, but honestly I think something isn't right here. Any help for this Arbitrator is accepted.

Best Answer

I will focus mostly on the system part, as the roleplay part might end up in a different question or be better answered by somebody else.

You are not a Specialist

The problem you have here is that you are playing a Jack-of-all-Trades. So he will always look bad if you compare him to specialist characters.

Sure, you do less damage than characters focused on damage, like Assassins or Guardsman. You are less social than a Cleric. You know less stuff than an Adept.

BUT. You do more damage than a Cleric or an Adept. You are more social than an Assassin or a Guardsman or an Adept. You know more stuff than an Assassin or a Guardsman (and maybe a Cleric, not sure about that one).

Basically, where everyone is "Good" in one thing and "Kinda Bad" in the rest, you are simply "Kinda Good" at everything (the "Bard Syndrome").

Don't Play Like a Specialist

If you try to find "the one good thing you are good at" and do only that, you are going to have a bad time.

The one thing you are good at is versatility: use it!

Get vibroblades and bolt pistols. Get flame weapons. Get dual-weapon talents to boost a bit more versatility (twice the same weapon? two different range weapons? a melee and a range weapon?). Get Quick Draw, to switch between modes faster.

Use it during Combat to keep everyone busy. No one is safe: you can charge a guy, or shoot another, or burn a third one, or potentially shoot and burn two different guys, or even the same guy. Try to always have the correct tool for the enemy at hand.

Get good quality, as you potentially depend more on your equipment than other Careers.

Get Sound Consitution as often as possible, you will need it.

You might want to take Drive, focusing on repulsors, and use a Vehicle in combat. But I have not applied this one myself so I'm not sure how it would work, and there are plenty of situations where it might not apply. But when it does..

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