[RPG] Wages and econothe in Rolemaster/MERP


We have been playing MERP (Middle Earth Role Playing game) for some years. Essentially all the old Editions by ICE (Iron Crown Enterprises), that use/extend Rolemaster.

There are some lists of prices in the rule books, but there is nothing in terms of wages/economy, etc.

Our current group plays a very open sandbox-style campaign centered around the economy of a shire in Arthedain, (comparable maybe to medieval Europe).

Do you know of any good lists of prices and wages, if possible in the Rolemaster/MERP currency (Gold/Silver/Bronze/Copper/Tin pieces)?
We have been inferring prices through a mix of research into medieval economy in England/Scotland and 'translations' from other systems. This quite imprecise and laborious as well…


…And a 10-Foot Pole

This seems to be the go-to book for Rolemaster prices. However, it is out of print and amazon lists used copies starting at 100$ and more.

Best Answer

For magic items, Treasure Companion is invaluable. But for regular items, the book you want is ...And a 10-Foot Pole. Unfortunately, its out of print, copies are expensive, and one of the PDFs that's not back in print via RPGNow. But, if you search the web for it, you should be able to find the PDF.

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