[RPG] Warlock(Fiend)/Warlock(Hexblade) ‘multi’class build balancing question


I currently play a level 4 Blade-pact-Warlock with the Fiend-patron in my friend's campaign. Even though Blade-pact was considered less than ideal, from what I've read, it seemed like the only viable option considering the character's personality. I just discovered the Hexblade-patron in Xanathar's guide, whose level 1 features would mostly fix all that I have to complain about the build I picked.

Now, switching Patrons is no longer an option for this character.

The approach I wanted to take was to multiclass this character, and pick up Warlock level 1 again, but this time to pick the Hexblade-patron to pick up those Level1-features. But the PHB doesn't offer any rules or possibility for multi-classing in the same class twice, (with pretty good reason, because it'd be confusing,) but I'm really thirsty for those level 1 Hexblade-features

I'm trying to put together a gameplan to convince my DM. I don't want to ask for freebies either, so Im looking for some insight in my interpretation of this 'multi'-class.

Since CharacterLevel 5 would be Warlock 4(Fiend)/Warlock 1(Hexblade) her Warlock abilities would still equal the ones listed in the fourth row of the Warlock level progression table(PHB p. 106), right?
However, the /Warlock 1 would suggest she'd get the first row of that same table all over again too — that's what every other class gets after all, if they multi-class into Warlock right? Thus getting 2 more Warlock-Cantrips, 2 more Warlock Spells Known (1st level only) and 1 more Spell Slot. (1st level?)

The Otherwordly Patron Feature is what I'm doing this for but also Pact Magic again?

The harshest reading to me seems to strike away anything she got before away completely. But that seems like it would be a steeper price to pay than you would otherwise pay with other multiclass builds. But getting 2 more cantrips and spells within the same spell-list seems a bit silly, not to mention that it's kinda weird to get access to this 3rd spellslot already (even if it'd be limited to 1st slot level)

My idea is to pretend like there was no multiclassing for the rows Cantrips Known, Spells Known and Spell Slots, but to still eat the level-delay on Slot Levels, Invocations Known (& invocation level requirement), ASI's, Mystic Arcanum's & Fiend-Patron Features, as a trade-off for the lv1 Hexblade-Features.

Is that a balanced way to trying to multiclass with the same class?

Best Answer

Normally, you cannot multiclass into a class you already have.

However, you might want to talk to your DM about simply switching your subclass to Hexblade, if it fits your character concept better, and advance your character as a full Warlock (Hexblade) 4. You might roleplay this, maybe as a personal quest to find your true calling and true master, or you breaking from the Fiend's control only to fall into the hands of the Hexblade...