[RPG] way for an oracle to gain or take a revelation from a thestery not his own


At least two oracle mysteries contain revelations letting an oracle use his Charisma modifier instead of his Dexterity modifier to compute his AC (the mystery lore has the revelation sidestep secret and lunar has prophetic armor). I want a revelation like that, but I don't want to take the mysteries that make available that kind of revelation. Is there a way for an oracle to get an off-list revelation?

Best Answer

By first party (made by Paizo) RAW, no there isn't.

Extra Revelation requires that you have the prerequisites for the extra revelation you're getting (which means you have to have the appropriate mystery).

Ring of Revelation also explicitly states that you must have the appropriate mystery to use the revelation contained in the ring. (And the commentary on the sidebar is an unofficial (albeit from the Creative Director) statement saying that Use Magic Device would not allow you to fake having that mystery prerequisite)

There is, however, a third-party feat that would allow you to do this:

Strange Revelation enables to you to use Extra Revelation to acquire a revelation from a mystery that isn't your own.

Third party stuff is a grey area, and something I recommend you ask your GM about before you take it.

TLDR: No, but third party content allows it.

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