[RPG] way to avoid the buckler’s penalty to attack rolls



Benefit: […] You can also use your shield arm to wield a weapon (whether you are using an offhand weapon or using your off hand to help wield a two-handed weapon), but you take a –1 penalty on attack rolls while doing so. This penalty stacks with those that may apply for fighting with your off hand and for fighting with two weapons. […]

Is there a way to avoid this -1 penalty? I've searched along the web and found nothing, but maybe I'm missing something. Could be a feat, or a magic item maybe?

Best Answer

There are a few ways, but bear in mind that it's much easier to increase your attack bonus than simply remove the penalty, with greater benefits in the long run (such as unlocking other feats):

  • Thunderstrike (fighter archetype): Removes the buckler penalty when using a weapon using both hands;
  • Buckler Duelist (fighter archetype): Increases the attack and damage while wielding a falcata and a buckler at the same time;
  • Duelist (combat feat): This applies only when using the (optional) Stamina system, but you remove the buckler penalties when wielding a falcata and a buckler at the same time;
  • Shielded Staff Style combined with Shielded Staff Mastery: You attach your shield (including bucklers) to your staff and may attack with it normally without any attack penalty from the shield;

There is a third party (Kobold Press) feat that does exactly what you are looking for:

  • Buckler Mastery: When wielding a weapon in the same hand as your buckler, you may pick to gain +1 AC or remove that -1 penalty to attack rolls.