[RPG] way to completely eliminate the penalties for Two-Weapon Fighting


From what I can tell, using Two-Weapon Fighting and having a Light weapon in your offhand at best reduces the penalty to -2/-2. Is there an official 3.5 method of completely eliminating this penalty? I do intend to eventually progress into further TWF with Improved TWF as well, but planning out my feats and the like I'd like to find a way to get rid of that last -2/-2 penalty if I can.

Best Answer

Yes, if you can get yourself a second head (since multiheaded is an inherited template with at least +2LA it's probably quite difficult to get until later on where adjusting your character's race/templates becomes cheap and easy). Also, this is obviously not something you "progress into" at all, you either have it (and make all TWF feats obsolete) or you're stuck with the last -2/-2, so if the chance of your DM allowing the growing of a second head mid-campaign (or you starting with a +2LA template) are slim, you should go with normal TWF feats anyway.

Savage Species page 125:

Superior Two-Weapon Fighting or Superior Multiweapon Fighting (Ex): Because each head controls one arm (or analogous weapon-using limb), a multiheaded creature has no penalty on attack rolls for attacking with multiple weapons, and the number of attacks and the damage bonus for each weapon are calculated as though the weapon were held in a primary hand.

It basically allows you to wield two weapons of your choice (even two non-light weapons) and get each of those weapons' full attacks at no penalty whatsoever.