[RPG] way to increase a character’s STATs with improvement points


I've just been checking the new Cyberpunk RED rules. The improvement points section (page 411) describes how your character skills (normal and x2) and your Role Ability Rank can be improved. However, since you are limited to a maximum of 8 in your starting STATs (INT, REF, DEX…) I supposed that it would list a cost for raising your base STATs as well, but can't find any mention of such a thing.

I don't know if I just missed something, or if it's only intended to be able to achieve such levels with cyberimplants (I doubt it), or another reason. Maybe a STAT has the same cost as Role Ability Rank and is mentioned somewhere?

Is there a way to increase a character's STATs with improvement points?

Best Answer

No, STATs can't be increased with improvement points

I received an answer to this question from the official @RTalsorianGames account on Twitter:

You did not miss it. STATs are usually raised (temporarily) by drugs and more permanently by cyberware. 8 is roughly human maximum.