[RPG] way to more effectively use the Grappler feat


Without Grappler, grapplers use grapple + shove to prone. (Possibly prone → grapple with Shield Master). The enemy now has disadvantage, and melee users have advantage.

By applying restrained instead of prone, ranged attackers can attack with advantage (good). However, Grappler also applies restrained to the user, so the user's damage drops significantly – neutral on the target, disadvantage on everything else vs advantage on target, neutral on others.

In my experience, however, ranged attackers attack from as far away as possible (>100'), and so they aren't terribly vulnerable to the type of melee attackers that I grapple. (good not as good)

On the other hand, the grappler is crowd control – they aren't dealing a ton of damage anyway.
(bad not as bad)

Is there a way to use this feat that makes it better than Shield Master?

Best Answer


Grappler is a trap for grapplers, see this lengthy forum post.

As you have noted, the first feature it grants is something you can do anyway, albeit with an additional action (or shield master feat).

The second feature destroys one of the major advantages of grappling, your mobility.

The third feature is situationally useful, how often depends on how often you fight things bigger than you (or better, an enlarged you).