[RPG] Welcome to the potion shop. What do we have for sale, again..


Preparing a game and I've got a few NPCs with some undefined loot: "first level potion," It got me to wondering – is there a consolidated list of potions, maybe oils too, for DnD 3.5? I found the start of a Pathfinder one but it was still bare bones. Does this already exist, or is it necessary to forge one's own with available books?

While I'm aware of the SRD list, I wonder if there's a more comprehensive list of potions available for purchase? Even just the book and price or spell level would suffice.

Best Answer

Well, a list of spells would be enough, right?

Crystalkeep indexes are good. Well, they were before Spell Compendium was released. They got removed from crystalkeep, IIRC, but I still have them and can upload them to Dropbox or somewhere, if needed. Speaking of Crystalkeep, they used to have magic item index as well, potions included.

WotC index is a list of PHB + Spell Compendium spells, spell levels, spell areas/targets/effects and pages included.

There may be more.