[RPG] What abilities can assist in a caster level check


The remove curse spell requires a caster level check (d20 + caster level) vs. the curse DC.

This doesn't give fantastic odds of the spell working successfully, although I can't see any text that says you can't retry.

Given this isn't a skill check, or indeed any sort of stat check what spells/abilities can be used to give a bonus to this roll to improve chances of success?

This would be for a wizard, level 7. Little cash available but a city where hires can be done nearby. Any bonus that improves the roll is good. Have a friendly druid and paladin in the group.

Best Answer

There are few bonuses, but the best way to effectively get a decent bonus is to use a power where you can get a reroll. In our current Carrion Crown campaign, I run a witch with the Fortune hex (allows you to roll 2d20 and take best), and that's our go-to when we have Dispel checks, SR checks, etc. that people don't customarily have a lot of bonuses in. Of course, witch hexes aren't the only thing that gives this. Clerics with the Luck domain, a luck blade, spells like borrow fortune, Hero points - anything that'll let you reroll "any d20 roll."

There are some other magic items like the orange prism ioun stone or a bead of karma from a strand of prayer beads, but that's well out of your budget.

See How much is a Second roll worth in Modifier Bonus for how many "points of bonus" a reroll is worth. There's math. "+5, more or less."

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