[RPG] What are advantages and disadvantages of a Sorcerer/Rogue multi-classed character?


I have recently joined a 5e campaign and I was thinking about making a Sorcerer Rogue multi-classed character. Before I commit to that character build, what are the pros and cons of multi-classing in the 5e stystem that apply to mixing those two classes: Sorcerer and Rogue.

Best Answer

The main disadvantage seems to be that ability score increases (ASI's) are tied to class level in 5e rather than character level, so you really need to keep your multi-class levels in multiples of 4 in order not to lose this important feature.

Spell casting is another major thing, especially for a sorcerer. If you don't multi-class with another spell caster you will lose access to spell slots, which I understand is pretty important for a Sorcerer.