[RPG] What are possible ways to deal with a player who frequently switches characters


I have had problems in the past with players who are serial character creators. What I'm referring to are the players who cannot seem to stick with a character more than two sessions at a time without finding endless reason to complain about, dislike, or grow bored with their current character.

I'm guessing the common causes are boredom, dissatisfaction, or simply a short attention span. The effects, thus far, have been players never connecting with the other players or their characters because they know the player will stop caring after a few session or will switch; and it leaves me not wanting to bother creating plotlines for them.

So what are some solutions or compromises that could be proposed to such a player?

Best Answer

I can understand switching to a different character once, like, you didn't understand the system or the campaign, and you didn't realize what kind of character would be a good fit for you. But repeatedly doing it, after just a few sessions?

It's time to sit down with the player and have a hard talk.

"What do you want from this game? Here is what we're doing with the game. The other players are on board, and getting what they want from the game, so it can't change too much to meet what you need, but it's clear you keep changing characters because you want something that you're not getting. What is it? We might just have to accept the fact this game isn't what you want."

If the player isn't getting what they want, and it's impacting the rest of the group, it's really better to not play with this person. It may be they don't know what they want, or it may be that they'd be better off playing with another group that will give them what they're looking for. But it's very clear your group isn't providing it and it's wasting their time, and for your group, wasting your time as well.