[RPG] What are some canon noble houses in 5e


I like making characters for future campaigns and have come up with a Harpy bard PC of noble birth(background). The idea I wanted to go with is that she is born in an offshoot branch of a canon noble house in the 5e lore/rule books but I am having trouble finding any. I have found some from forgotten realms but that is all. Are the forgotten realms canon to 5e, if not what are the houses?

If the information is relevant, she isn't a bastard born and is/was well cared for by her parents(harpy mother, human(?) father).

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D&D 5e is a set of rules and bits and pieces of lore ideas, but it has no setting. There are no maps of the “D&D 5e world”, no noble houses — nothing except the bits of background on the races. There is no canon setting. There are canonical details for some settings that you can use with D&D 5e, but they are separate and not the default setting of the game. (See our related question, Is Forgotten Realms the default setting in 5e?, for more on the idea of D&D 5e having no built-in setting.)

As a result, if you're making a character in a DM's setting, you'll have to ask your DM for information on nobles houses in their setting. If they don't have a setting in mind and you're just playing D&D 5e with no particular setting, then you're likely free to invent things with the cooperation of your DM (or borrow ideas from another setting, like the Forgotten Realms).

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