[RPG] What are some persistent, virtual, web based, battlemats?


For the chat based playtest of various questions on this site, I find myself wondering about online battlemaps.

My current intension is to use Google spreadsheets to present an abstract, if serviceable battle map.

Can anyone recommend a tool, or non-gaming technology that will allow me to take a image (such as a dungeon or delve as presented in most DDI releases, set it as the background, and then allow players to manipulate "pogs" as an overlay? I'm OK with having no security functions, though I know my players will get twitchy over that.

I'm also interested in this technology for solitare games, as my current setup requires various adobe products, grids, and layers.

Optimally speaking, this would be a technology that runs in the browser and doesn't require any kind of dedicated hosting from private computers.

A similiar question can be found here though this question has a different focus in that I'm seeking persistent web-based software rather than online, but concurrent, gaming software.

Best Answer

PBPMap looks nifty. It offers a PBP Web Program that they make available to those who request it. There doesn't seem to be a means to simply download it.