[RPG] What are the best computer generators for historical timelines?


Every world or campaign setting has a timeline of historical events. Normally this has the format of a year number followed by a short description. For example:

−9800 DR: The Yuirwood was settled by green elves in the aftermath of the Crown Wars.

−6950 DR: The star elves began leaving other elven nations and gathering in the Yuirwood.

−6600 DR: The star and green elves founded the realm of Yuireshanyaar in the Yuirwood.

(Example from Forgotten Realms Wiki)

I wonder if there are generators that can create a random timeline to use it in my own campaing. I tried this generator: http://orfinlir.de/3rdE/historyX.php, but perhaps there are better options.

Best Answer

The simulationist computer game Dwarf Fortress (http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/) has a 'legends' mode that is, in essence, a world history generator and will also provide an (evolving) map.

It is noted for its depth in culture/world details, so it might be a good fit; and our gaming group has used it for world map/location/NPC generation.

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