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What changes are there between each edition so that I can update earlier edition modules more easily?

I have many modules for Call of Cthulhu that I have picked up over the years but I only own 3rd ed and 6th ed rules. Is it only the skills and way stats are arranged for the monsters and characters, or are there other things to watch out for? I also own the two solo adventure modules but never played them.

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This page on RPG.net has brief summaries of the different editions.

From reading it over basically 1st to 3rd edition were boxed sets with minor errata and the box content changing. Fourth editions changed the game over to a single box and revised the organization and the rule somewhat. From personal knowledge the revision wasn't drastic and was largely to keep the game in line with the other Basic Roleplaying Games of Chaosium. Fifth and Sixth edition have differing layouts with the rules largely the same except for errata and minor edits.

The seventh edition that is due to be released soon is said to be a very major revision of the game.

From personal knowledge of the system pretty much anything to date pretty much works with any edition of Call of Cthulu. With the later editions having slightly more options and refinement than earlier editions. Chaosium has been noted for keeping their BRP derived games stable over the years.

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