[RPG] What are the effects of aging


I am new to D&D.

I did not find any official ruling concerning the effects of aging in the PHB. I know that in some systems aging can have adverse and/or beneficial effects on stats.

I ask because I am currently playing Monk and at 15th he will receive Timeless Body which prevents "the frailty of old age". What is the mechanic, if any, that this applies to?

Best Answer

There are no current, directly codified, effects of old age.

However. There are several spells and other effects that do cause you to age prematurely. The Monk would be immune to these. There are also basic guidelines on how the races age and when they become adults/typically die.

For an example of a monster capable of aging a creature, we have the Ghost who can cause aging of 1d4 × 10 years with one of their features. While there are no direct effects, the DM can very well rule that this kind of effect would cause you to no longer be an effective adventurer.

As GMNoob points out, we may find out the mechanical effects of aging in the DMG, but largely, these will be left to the DM's discretion.

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