[RPG] What are the “fiends” referenced in Eberron


In the Eberron setting material "fiends" play a central role, especially during the Age of Demons. References to "fiends" are almost always followed up by a reference to rakshasas, and obviously rakshasas play a more central role in Eberron than they do in other D&D settings . However, does the term "fiends" refer to all evil outsiders; devils, demons, and rakshasas, only rakshasas or some other grouping of evil beings?

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Although the term is never defined specifically, the evidence provided tells us that, in Eberron, "fiends" is the generic term for demons, devils, and other evil outsiders that were spawned from Khyber at the dawn of the world (ECS, page 224). They seeped up from the cracks in the earth, from volcanoes and the deepest parts of the sea (p.158). They are capable of possession (p.100) and are led by outsiders more crafty than they are.

It can be inferred that, since the cosmology and planar structure of Eberron differs from the typical Great Wheel of D&D, the terms "demon" and "devil" aren't relevant to the setting. "Fiend" makes a nice generic.

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