[RPG] What are the implications of replacing initiative with “Enethe Phase” and “Player Phase”


Something I've been debating about implementing for my group is whether or not to throw out D&D's concept of initiative order for a less granular "Phase" — all the players act, then all the enemies act, then a new round begins, etc.

My hope is that this will make combat faster, since the PCs can plan and execute their plans simultaneously. My fear is that this will make combat deadlier, as it becomes inherently less reactive.

Are there any official variants or rules suggestions on how to handle initiative "phases" instead of a turn order? My working idea is that each player's individual turn can happen in any order within the phase, to better facilitate combat tactics / combo synergy.

This question asks not only about if they exist, but, if applied, what are the implications of the rule as well.

Best Answer

There is a combat variant in the 5e DMG, page 270, "Side Initiative" (emphasis mine)

Under this variant, the players roll a d20 for their initiative as a group, or side. [The DM] also roll[s] a d20. ... Whoever rolls highest wins initiative. ... When it's a side's turn, the members of that side can act in any order they choose. Once everyone on the side has taken a turn, the other side goes. A round ends when both sides have completed their turns. ... This variant encourages teamwork and makes your life as a DM easier, since you can more easily coordinate monsters. On the downside, the side that wins initiative can gang up on enemies and take them out before they have a chance to act.

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