[RPG] What are the limits of the spell Mending


Background: One of my players is a Cleric who knows Mending. They've used it in various inventive ways, which is good. But it also gets used to easily circumvent various problems I've tried to throw at the players.

I'm having trouble working out where the intended limits for Mending are. The specific circumstances that have come up are:

  1. Should the spell be able to repair a Warhammer that has been rusted (e.g. by a Rust Monster) after scratching off all the rust?
  2. Should the spell be able to repair a cloak with tears all over it? The RAW say a single break or tear, so the cleric cast it multiple times, each on a separate part of the cloak.

Best Answer

The only limitations mentioned in the spell description are:

  • that the damage must be a break or tear
  • the damage cannot be any larger than 1 foot in any dimension
  • the spell cannot restore lost magical properties

Other than these explicit limits what the spell works on is decided by you as the DM. If you think some damage is too extensive for the spell to function then it won't work. You can also talk to your players about setting reasonable limits for issues the rules are not clear on.

As for your examples I would rule the spell doesn't in the rust monster case and can work in the cloak case. The spell mentions breaks or tears and I wouldn't consider rust damage either of those things. For the cloak I would rule that multiple castings of the spell can be used to repair multiple tears.