[RPG] What are the main factors to consider when a PC gains a major airport in V:tM


Depending on the type of Vampire: the Masquerade campaign, PC's may experience unusual growth in resources. This should generally come with a (potentially complicated) system of pros and cons as well as both daily and major issues and obstacles that PC may be required to deal with.

This type of event has recently happened in one of my games, where a PC has amassed enough influence and wealth to acquire, for all intents and purposes, a major airport.

A few things that my player is already beginning to plan as long term contingencies:

  • Elaborate system of hench-ghouls to help with tasks and communication
  • Specialist ghouls with expertise in flight regulations, international law, and other related talents/skills/knowledges

My player's plans may not come quite so easily, readily or as they fully intend based on reasons shown in below answers. Also, as has been pointed out, even as a Resource and not just an airport CEO Influence, many factors prevent this Resource from being as available to PC whim as a more reasonable Resource such as a simple warehouse may be. Additionally, as has been pointed out, the typical WoD setting would not be fitting where an airport as a Resource turned the game into less of a personal horror RPG and more of a glorified Lemonade Stand game. For this question's purposes, this question addresses airport use and ownership in WoD as offered by WoD rules but not fully detailed for higher level global settings

I have some ideas of my own about the basic main areas of consideration I should give as a GM, such as a need to consider other traveling supernaturals.

I have not been able to find any resources that help with the details of major airport ownership by a vampire PC, and I feel that I am missing a number of critical items here.

What do I need to plan or look out for when a vampire PC gains ownership of and major influence over a major airport in V:tM?

Please consider some of the following thoughts and reasons that I have chosen to keep this as a specific question about major airports as PC resources in V:tM:

  • Issues with traveling Black Hand/Inconnu/etc that try to sneak through the PC's airport
  • Camarilla politics regarding major airport control
  • Technocracy politics and issues with vampire-controlled airports
  • Obligations to local princes within the vicinity of major airports
  • Camarilla-enforced liability for unknowingly transporting Sabbat and hunted vampires through one's airport
  • Specific talents/skills/knowledges that will be helpful for a player and their cohorts to have a hindrance if a player and cohorts lack them
  • Other system-specific related considerations

These considerations are listed to serve as a basic idea of different factors. I am looking for a more general answer that hits on the important main factors to consider and I am not looking for lists.

As a general note, this is a campaign with very powerful PCs and NPCs alike and is not a standard campaign for newly-sired 13th generations. I am aware that a major airport is a very powerful resource. This is less of a balancing concern in my game and more of a concern about attention to detail. However, helpful information related to WoW airports in general may both suit my purposes and any user looking for airport information in general related to WoD campaigns.

Best Answer

I think you have already come with a lot of ideas. I am going to take a more general approach.

The airport is like a strategic resource for kindred, and also for any power trying to take control of the city.

Kindred politics

As you have said, the airport is a potential entry point for enemy kindred (sabbat, anarchs, enemies of the prince,...). For that reason, the primogeniture can demand some degree of collaboration or even control of the airport. If the characters fail controlling the kindred entrance, the primogeniture could take action to transfer the airport to someone more fitted.

Of course the characters can expect many favours in return of the responsabilities they have.

Not only official Camarilla enemies are interesting. Many kindred would exchange favours in return of knowing about the movements of their rivals (who could be respected Camarilla members).

Other powers

Not only Kindred, but anyone who wants control of the city would put their attention on the airport. They can range from mortal politicians, police, and criminals to hunters, werewolves or mages.

Characters should be careful not to be easily tracked by these groups, or they could have trouble and put the Masquerade at risk.

As a personal approach, I won't use the Technocracy. Vampires are supposed to not know about it, and I think they don't mix well in Vampire stories. But that's my personal opinion, you can do as you please.

Owning is not controlling

Notice that the characters who own the airport are not the only ones that could have influence on it. Hundreds work in an airport, and the characters can't control them. Other power players can have spies or in extreme cases saboteurs without too much effort. So, don't warn them, but you can introduce some competition.

Ghouls are expensive

I have read that they are planning to make a huge amount of ghouls. Please, see that having ghouls is not an easy task.

First, they may need permission to make such a quantity. Ghouls are technically a Masquerade breach. Of course, given their great responsibility, characters can justify it to the primogeniture.

Second, they must feed as many ghouls. Count how many ghouls they have; that is how many blood points they must spend per month.

Third, ghouls are volatile. A ghoul can sometimes do incredible things to get their domitor's attention. With dozens of ghouls, the competition can be brutal. Having to manage so much emotional problems can be insane.

So, I'd consider having only a few important ghouls, and control other people via domination, presence or mundane ways (money is always effective).