[RPG] What are the official sources of vehicles in Dark Heresy


The 2nd edition of the Dark Heresy RPG Core Rulebook has many pages worth of rules for vehicles. It then backs this up with the stats for a car, a bike, and a tank (technically an APC I suppose, but still). There are rules for walkers, skimmers etc, but no stats for them.

Having looked through several vaguely related rulebooks, there are more vehicle stats. None seem to be perfectly meant for use in Deathwatch v2, with issues such as the rarity stat being lacking, and potentially balance issues bringing vehicles from high powered games like Deathwatch into DH.

Has there been any official confirmation about what sources (Only War, Deathwatch, Rogue Trader, other) 'are official' for use in DH, or rules for adapting these sources to DH2?

Best Answer

All rule books are supposed to be compatible with each other, or at least this is the intention. You may need to fiddle, but as far as I'm aware it should direct port. I'd have no problem running a Sentinel from Only War in the Rogue Trader game I run.

As far as "where should I go then" Only War has the most vehicles, or at least the "fun" ones your acolytes could reasonably expect to have access to by "borrowing" them from the Guard. Rogue Trader has a lot on ships and the like and I think Deathwatch would have things too, but it'd all be Space Marine sized.