[RPG] What are the options for the restrained and overwhelmed spellcaster NPC


If my players have grappled, restrained and knocked prone my lone spellcaster NPC (5th level wizard), and then held a blade against his throat, does the NPC have any further options? The NPC had no magic items at hand, and I assumed he couldn't cast spells in this situation.

This result was a reasonable outcome for the encounter, but it just left me wondering if I had shortchanged the NPC. Was there some action that the NPC could have taken?

Best Answer

Your spellcaster could have escaped.

Your spellcaster wasn't gagged, so he/she could have cast the second-level Misty Step, which is verbal only (and a bonus action to boot!). This allows the caster to teleport anywhere that's within sight and within 30 ft.

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