[RPG] What are the preferred Android apps for gaming?


What Android apps do you use for gaming?
What are the preferred dice rollers, time keepers, audio/video recorders, notes, etc.?

  • Please present only one App per answer so that they may be rated and sorted automatically by user votes.
  • Also, please indicate whether the apps you list are intended for only phones, only tablets, or optimized for any display size.

I have been experimenting with two programs so far, and I will enter them below so that others who have used them can rate them accordingly.

Best Answer

We've actually had lots of success with Dropbox - it's relatively easy for people to share character sheets, material, notes, etc. with each other (or the GM) using shared folders, and you can pull the files up on whatever phone/tablet/etc. you'd like. It also means the GM has access to the latest version of everyone's character sheet, and there's versioning available.

Have the GM create one shared folder for everyone, then one shared folder per player that is just for the GM and that individual player. If nobody's using Dropbox, have the GM invite everyone (to get the 250MB boost from inviting people).

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