[RPG] What are the rules for multiple prestige classes


Nowhere in the rules I have seen a statement about not being able to choose several prestige classes at the same time. And since there is no XP penalty when multiclassing prestige, it seems quite outpowered.

Assuming I meet all the prerequisites for several classes and have no difficulties finding a master, I could take 1st level of 2 or 3 of them and benefit from all the class base powers… Or am I missing something?

Best Answer

There's No Limit to the Number of Prestige Classes a Character Can Take...

...That is, if the character qualifies for the prestige classes. A character who qualifies for multiple prestige classes can take levels in multiple prestige classes. In fact, it's often a good idea to do exactly that so you end up playing the kind of character you want. The DM can limit which prestige classes are available in his campaign, however, so asking first is always a good idea.

It's Just Powered, Not Overpowered

Characters get things from prestige classes, but as some base classes get almost nothing for staying in their base classes, that's not a big deal. Further, meeting requirements can be challenging for the more intense prestige classes, sucking up a lot of resources that can be put toward things a character might rather do or be good at, and classes that gain high-level class features (e.g. druid) will miss those when taking a prestige class. A prestige classes is a trade-off--often a very good trade-off but a trade-off nonetheless.

O, and just to be clear: I'm not saying there aren't crazy powerful prestige classes... because there totally are crazy powerful prestige classes. Instead, I'm saying the idea of taking multiple prestige classes isn't, in itself, unbalanced.