[RPG] What are the sales figures for Pathfinder 2e between launch year and second year to date


Pathfinder 2nd edition officially hit gaming tables almost a full year ago. Since then, I've noticed quite a lack of questions on this site with the tag compared to other systems, and I doubt it's because of a corresponding lack of rules ambiguity.

I know that 5th edition is Dungeons & Dragons' most successful edition yet; has Paizo released any information about the financial or popular reception of 2nd edition?

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It's not a sales statistic, but the Roll20 Orr Group Industry Report for the first quarter of 2020 lists that 1.23% of campaigns are Pathfinder 2e campaigns (compared to, say, 50.40% being 5e campaigns). For reference, here are the Q4 2019 (1.13% of campaigns) and Q3 2019 (0.57% of campaigns; Pathfinder 2e launched halfway through this quarter).

This ICv2 chart shows that Pathfinder (presumably both 1e and 2e) was the second most popular RPG in the summer of 2019 (beyond Dungeons and Dragons). Notably, though, it is based upon interviews with retailers, and not upon sales numbers. We may not have official sales tallies, but this does give us a decent picture of the state of Pathfinder.

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