[RPG] What benefit does the Ring of Spell Knowledge have over the Page of Spell Knowledge


From a Page of Spell Knowledge you can cast both arcane and divine spells. Crafting it requires Craft Wondrous Item feat, which is pretty useful for crafting other cool things. Turned out like both can be lost, but the Page is also slotless.

A Ring of Spell Knowledge costs 1.5 times more gold, only works with spells from 1st to 4th level, and takes a slot. It also has no use for the Oracle: can't hold a divine spell, and there is a special entry against those spells being used by Oracles:

[List of rings] All of them are useful only to spontaneous arcane spellcasters.

What is the reason to use a Ring of Spell Knowledge at all?

Best Answer

The items are similar, but there is a difference

Both of them allow spontaneous casters to get another spell to cast. Since they tend to have fairly hard limits on the spells known, this can be a great boon as there are many great low level buffing spells.

The Ring gives access to spells of other arcane casting classes, the Page doesn't

The real difference comes down to this from page of spell knowledge

If the bearer is a spontaneous spellcaster and has that spell on her class spell list, she may use her spell slots to cast that spell as if it were one of her spells known.

Meaning that it can only grant class spells. The Ring of spell knowledge does not have this limitation:

Arcane spells that do not appear on the wearer’s class list are treated as one level higher for all purposes (storage and casting).

The Page may hold a divine spell, the Ring cannot

Also, the page can be either arcane or divine, while the Ring is only arcane.

You can change the spell inside the Ring, but not on the Page

So why a Ring when it limits you to only arcane spells? Because you are able to change what spell is loaded into it (supported by this answer). So keep a scroll and if needed copy its spell into the Ring and there you go.