[RPG] What character creation tools & guides are available for Shadowrun 5e?


I'm a totally new player to Shadowrun 5e. My experiences are largely with D&D 4e, Savage Worlds, and Cyberpunk 2020. I'm just seeing if there are any unofficial (but very helpful) guides or tools to creating and managing Shadowrun 5e characters. I've been able to find a bunch for 4e, but not for 5e.

Best Answer

Yours truly has created a variety of form fillable character sheets:

"Dumb" sheet (which only has fillable forms): Here

"V2" sheet (has some calculation capability): Here

"V2.5" sheet (extended to a third page, more calculations): Here

Note that 2.5 is somewhat obtuse to use; in V2.5, the modified attributes on the first page feed from modifiers given on the third page; however, 2.5 is by far the most complex SR5 character sheet I've seen out there in terms of what it can do. I've got some more versions up on my site as well, though for the most part what you see here is what the "best" is, depending on whether you want pure traditional, traditional+calculations, or traditional+expanded+calculations.