[RPG] What character growth happens beyond level 20


Level 20 is shown to be the level cap. So does getting 30000 XP for the epic boons or added ability scores implement into character's statistics such as max prepared spells or max health increase?

For example a 20th level Wizard with 20 intelligence can prepare a maximum of 25 spells.
After gaining 30000 XP would that wizard be considered level 21 and get 26 maximum spells?

Best Answer

The 20th level is the highest you can achieve.

Characters who reach 20th level have attained the pinnacle of mortal achievement. Their deeds are recorded in the annals of history and recounted by bards for centuries.

Dungeon Master's Guide p. 38

However you can still get more powerful. You may get an epic boon for every 30,000 XP you earn above 355,000 XP. (Dungeon Master's Guide, p. 231).

Epic boons offer a variety of things, including: immortality, truesight, nullifying damage, extra hit points, spell slots and much more.