[RPG] What character level is the Tomb of Horrors for


The Tales from the Yawning Portal features 7 adventures that were "upgraded" from older editions. One of them is the famous Tomb of Horrors.

Now all other adventures in the book have a specific guidance on levels, only this one just says:

Only high-level characters will stand a chance to come back alive.

The old cover ("Dungeon Module S1") read

An adventure for characters level 10-14

So to keep the deadly experience, what is a good, "high-level" level? And how many characters are expected? The module certainly has a lot of level-dependent challenges. It has monsters, DCs, hit point damage. Is 10-14 in D&D 5 appropriate to keep the original, deadly experience?

Best Answer

Best Estimate: levels 10–14

In Dungeon Magazine #213, April 2013 Chris Perkins published a conversion of the Tomb of Horrors for D&D Next.

From that magazine:


Tomb of Horrors

A D&D Next adventure for characters of levels 10–14 (with 4th Edition conversion notes for characters of levels 14–16)

By Gary Gygax

Adapted by Christopher Perkins

I went through the adaptation in Tales from the Yawning Portal and did a rough compare, and for the most part, it is a direct conversion. In some cases the original module has higher DC checks, or the traps do more damage; as befitting the D&D Next rules in play around that time. But the monsters are effectively the same.

I feel pretty safe saying you can use those levels as your guideline. Go a smidge lower if you want it to be harder.