[RPG] What counts as ground for Tenser’s Floating Disk


What counts as ground for this ritual, if you have a 5×5 piece of stone/paper/metal/wood under the disk, and that is moved up, say 10 feet, would the disk phase through that stone, or hover 1 foot above it? What about floating over water?

Best Answer

I don't believe the rules ever formally state what exactly is or is not "ground." With that said, here's what I would use to evaluate this:

  • Does the item have a large enough surface area to support the disk?

  • Does the item have a reasonably uniform surface? (i.e. not someone's head and shoulders, not steeply angled, etc.).

  • How much weight can the item support? It doesn't necessarily have to support the full payload of the disk, but it should be more substantial than (for example) a cloud.

  • How much is the surface moving? Something that's moving a great deal (like the back of most conscious creatures) is probably not very "ground-like."

At the end of the day, it boils down to a GM call.