[RPG] What counts as the lowest value on a percentile die?


If I'm making an image with a standard set of seven dice, all showing as having rolled the lowest possible result, I obviously want to have that be 1 for six of them, but what should I use for the percentile one? 00 or 10? Is there ever any circumstance in which it's rolled on its own?

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It's system dependent.

Let's see, the "percentile die" is a combo of two dice: the one numbered 00 to 90 (d10×10) and the one numbered 0 to 9 (d10) and then summed up.

Now, it depends on the system how to read them, as there is no system-agnostic decision on the one case we are most interested in:

The system determines if "00, 0" is read as 100 or 0 (just like it decides if "0" is 10 or 0). Usually it does so either in form of text or by providing tables — if there is a 0 column/row or a 100 one.

The "00, 0" = 100 is the more widespread choice, as it generates 1–100. Among others, this is used for example in D&D and Hackmaster1 interpretation (unless one interprets "00, 0" as 10 and "90, 0" as 100).

The "00, 0" = 0 is the standard interpretation for games that use 0–99 tables. Among these is one edition of Pendragon.

1 - If you ever wanted to learn how to pray to and kiss your dice, grab a 2001 4th Edition Hackmaster Player's Handbook, Appendix L page 347–350.

Be easy on yourself

The otherwise lowest value ignoring the "00, 0" outlier is "00, 1", a 1.

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