[RPG] What demo scenarios exist for Burning Wheel?


While there are a fair number of demos here for burning wheel, the wiki is quite light on details.

I would like feedback on useful demo scenarios to run for Burning Wheel and why they are useful. What elements of the system do they showcase well and what kind of players are they designed to appeal to?

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(Direct link to the demo and adventures section)

The Sword is the #1 most popular and reliably fun introductory Burning Wheel adventure/demo. It is built to showcase the system - fight, duel of wits, simple contests, the whole shebang - in a manageable format. All the characters have strong built-in loyalties and conflicts with one another, the BITs are strong, it's a really solid demo of the system.

The Gift is less a demo than a full-on adventure suited for convention play and is also very good.

I'd start with those two. They are going to appeal to the same sorts of folks who are drawn to Burning Wheel in general - people who like intense, character-driven play with lots of interesting crunch.

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