[RPG] What do I need to set up and use a projector as a tabletop


I have a really nice projector for my home theater, and I am considering using it for a tabletop gaming setup as well.

What do I need to know about mounting it? What are the tricks or issues? What should I put on my table surface to get the best picture.

What tools should I use on my computer to make the best use of this display?

Please include whether you've played with this type of setup or whether it's just an idea as I'm especially interested in practical experience and ideas.

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Pat and Scott both have excellent answers. Here are some other things to think about.

First there is this link where a guy goes step by step through building a digital game table with the projector mounted from below.

Remember you can project from above or BELOW. In either case you need to figure out how far your projector needs to be from the surface to get the surface area you desire.

Remember that many video cards have two video ports. Often the included software allows you, among other things, to slave both ports to each other, or to setup multiple monitors. What I recommend is using multiple monitors with two copies of maptools. One is the server which you move to the GM Screen, the other is the client which you move to the screen presented by the port the digital projector. This way you don't have to do the "Please don't look" request you find describe on the Pen, Paper, and Pixel site.

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