[RPG] What does increased caster level affect


A orange ioun stone adds +1 caster level, what does this affect?

  • Damage from spells? (Like fireball)
  • Duration and area of effect?
  • "Amount" of effect (Like number of missiles from magic missile)
  • Spells known by a wizard (ie +1 caster level mean a level 2 wizard gets the spells as if they were level 3?)
  • Anything else?

Best Answer

In 3.5e, caster level affects (as its name suggests) caster level checks for dispelling a spell, or overcoming spell resistance. Also, caster level may affect the following variables in spells:

The list is not exhaustive, and some or all of the properties mentioned above are not changed for certain spells. (e. g. Cantrips are not dependent on caster level, and many spells like fireball don't have area change per caster level.) In general, caster level changes anything with the phrase "per (caster) level" in the spell description, and caster level checks.

It never affects:

  • Spells known by the caster
  • Spells per day
  • Any other class feature dependent upon class level (Familiar benefits, bonus feats, and so on)
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