[RPG] What does the Battle Cleric’s Lore +2 shield bonus mean when I’m not proficient with shields


I've created a Templar Cleric with Battle Cleric's Lore and it says that I get +2 shield bonus to AC with this Lore. I'm confused though, because I'm not proficient with shields.

Could anyone please help me to explain this? And can a templar Cleric use shields in general (I don't need my two-handed morningstar because I don't have any melee powers and don't need MBAs)?

Best Answer

You are correct that you are not proficient with shields, so carrying around a shield will not help you unless you pickup that proficiency from somewhere else.

What the ability means is that you get a +2 bonus to your AC. The type of bonus is a shield bonus, which means it won't stack with other shield bonuses to AC (you get whatever the largest is), but it will stack with feat or power bonuses. This bonus is granted by the class feature, and does not require you to have a shield.