[RPG] What does the Laundry RPG change in the BRP


I understand that the Laundry RPG (based on Stross' books) utilizes a modified version of the BRP (Call of Cthulhu). What changes/differences with the BRP? Additions?

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I'm pretty much only familiar with BRP through Call of Cthulhu, and I don't actually own a copy of The Laundry yet, but I'll give a quick run-down of what I've been able to dig up.

  • Charisma stat replaces Appearance

  • No Magic Points

  • Personality Type is selected during character creation, adding an additional 20 skill points which are distributed between specific personality-appropriate skills. Personality choices include:

    • Bruiser
    • Leader
    • Master (as in craftsman)
    • Nutter (also starts with an insanity)
    • Slacker
    • Thinker
  • Laundry Assignment/Training is selected during character creation. Grants +10 bonus to several skills. (This is in addition to Call of Cthulhu-style professions.) Choices include:

    • Archives
    • Computational Demonology
    • Contracts and Bindings
    • Counter-Possession
    • Counter-Subversion
    • Information Technology
    • Media Relations
    • Medical and Psychological
    • Occult Forensics
    • Plumber (that being what the Laundry call their paramilitary clean-up operatives)
  • Wealth Levels instead of specific savings and income.

  • Some changes to skill list

  • The big mechanical change is apparently a new magic system. It covers traditional/ritual magic, Laundry-style computational magic, and "mental" magic (which is casting spells without external aid). As noted above, Magic Points are out, but casting now requires a skill check with a Sorcery skill.

  • Combat and investigation are streamlined, although I haven't seen anything about exactly how. Also, nice things were said about the sanity system.

  • Special Successes (rolling under 1/5 of your skill) replace criticals/impales. On attack rolls, they do double damage. Outside of combat, I think they're just extra good successes without any special rules.

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