[RPG] What ebook readers work well with roleplaying PDF?


Given the advent of various tablets, netbooks, and ebook readers which works best for viewing AND using roleplaying PDFs. Unreleased products should be mentioned as well as the field is constantly changing. Note that this question is slightly different than which is the best products overall. This should be focused on what works well (or not) for the gamer at home and the table.

Best Answer

The smaller sized Kindles aren't great for PDFs; they're a little bit slow and the screen size is a big issue for most roleplaying PDFs. I haven't tried the Kindle DX, but it's designed for PDF reading so I assume it would be better. However, you're going to run into trouble if you read a PDF designed for color.

I have an iPad, and it's a superb PDF reader. GoodReader is the current champion of PDF readers; it's very fast, it has a lot of ways to get PDFs onto the device -- including downloading them from Mobile Safari -- and it includes a full implementation of folders so you can organize your PDFs. DiceBook is also worth mentioning, since it includes a built in die roller, but it's not otherwise as full-featured as GoodReader.

In my experience using the iPad for gaming, I get the full 10 hours promised by Apple, which is enough for even most convention usage. It's definitely not up to the standards of the Kindle, but practically speaking it's pretty good.

When Android tablets come out in the same form factor, I imagine they'll be just as good as the iPad. Watch out for battery life, though. Apple's using some clever technology there and I think that'll be the hardest thing for Android tablets to match initially, although I'm sure they'll get there in the end.

I do not like the iPhone for anything other than emergency PDF reading, for the same reasons as I don't like Kindles. The screen is too small. Same goes for other smartphones, with the possible exception of the new Dell Streak. It has a huge screen, and is probably worth considering.

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