[RPG] What happens to dying PCs when combat ends


Imagine that a PC gets reduced to 0 hit points during a battle. The battle continues for a couple more rounds and they roll their death saves, one success and one failure (not sure if this part of the question is relevant).

Then the rest of the party defeats the last enemy and battle is over. Now what?

  1. Does the downed PC keep rolling death saves until they strike 3 one way or the other?
  2. Does everyone else repeatedly roll for Medicine to stabalise the dying PC?
  3. Or (as we've been ruling it) they are just assumed to become stabilised because combat is over (I'm fairly certain this probably isn't RAW or RAI though).

I've looked through the PHB and I've only managed to find descriptions of being stabilised during combat, not after it.

Ideally I'd like a rule quoted (or a tweet or something) to point to where such a thing is outlined in the rules, if it is written anywhere.

Best Answer

Keep the drama, because dying is dramatic!

The stabilization rules would remain the same whether in or out of combat. Given the importance of that, I would recommend following initiative order until the the PC(s) have stabilized through medicine checks or healing spells/potions/abilities.

However, handwaving stabilization wouldn't be the end of the world - although it does signify that there is absolutely no more combat occurring, which would remove some drama. Keep it going, keep them worried; end result is the same.