[RPG] What happens to the rituals off the Book of Ancient Secrets if I replace it with another invocation


A Warlock has chosen the Pact of the Tome feature. At level 5 the invocation chosen is Book of Ancient Secrets. The Warlock has now two 1st level spells that have the ritual tag written into the Book of Shadows. Along the way the Warlock inscribes two more rituals into the book by finding them in other spellbooks, and spending gold as described in the invocation. The Warlock now has four (4) rituals in the Book of Shadows.

The Warlock levels up to level 6 and decides to change invocations, replacing Book of Ancient Secrets with another invocation.

What happens to the rituals inscribed in the Book of Shadows?

Will they still be kept in the Book of Shadows, or does something happen to them as a result of replacing Book of Ancient Secrets with another invocation?

Best Answer

Technically when you give up an invocation in favor of another you give up all the abilities that go with it.

However, the book is silent on what happens with the ones you may have scribed in the book while you still had the invocation so that would fall under the decision of your DM. Keeping in mind that the invocation itself is what allows you to utilize the rituals in your Book of Shadows whether your DM says they are still there would really only possibly benefit a Wizard or someone with the Ritual Casting feat to copy them. However, you obviously can no longer scribe anymore nor cast the rituals in the book upon replacing the invocation.

Ritual Caster feat seems a bit iffy as well to allow access to those already scribed since it is the Book of Ancient Secrets that allows you to cast from your Book of Shadows as rituals and not from a standard ritual book which is procured with the feat.

Not official but lends itself to that conclusion as well.