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Planning a 20A edition OWoD game and creating an ambush from some Garou. Simply put, the old "wait in the Penumbra and go jack-in-the-box when the enemy is in position" gag. So my question is what happens when stepping sideways? Are there any sensory cues? How long would/should/could it take?

Best Answer

Page 309 of the Corebook.

System: To step sideways, a werewolf needs to meditate on a highly reflective surface, such as a clear pool of water or a mirror. When a character attempts this, roll that character’s Gnosis; the difficulty is the strength of the local Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is strongest near certain types of environments; every place on Earth has a Gauntlet rating between 2 and 9.

[Skipped Gauntlet chart here]

Some shapeshifters cannot attempt this or have different methods for crossing the Gauntlet. The time it takes to enter the Umbra depends on the number of successes on this Gnosis roll.

Successes Shift Time

Botch “Caught”

0 Failure (wait another hour before trying again)

One 5 minutes

Two 30 seconds

Three+ Instantl

Anyway, I strongly suggest you to reread the book, as it seems that you somehow missed a huge part of it.

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