[RPG] What happens when two Spheres of Annihilation touch one another


What happens if a Sphere of Annihilation touches another Sphere of Annihilation? I see a few possibilities:

  • They destroy one another
  • The universe turns inside out
  • The effect of hitting one with Gate or a Rod of Cancellation occurs
  • They merge together into a possibly larger sphere
  • One or both silently vanishes
  • They ignore each other and phase through one another like nothing happened

Which of the above (if any) is most correct?

Best Answer

This answer comes with the caveat that generally, the behavior of artifacts is pretty much entirely up to the GM. Since the GM has to put two Spheres in the game in the first place, presumably your GM might have a specific interaction rules that they want to use.

Generally, I would think that they would destroy each other. The item description says:

Any matter that comes in contact with a sphere is instantly sucked into the void, gone, and utterly destroyed.

Since the Sphere is, presumably, made of matter, it is destroyed when it touches another Sphere. Then again, your GM may decide that the Sphere is actually a hole in the world, and isn't actually made of matter at all. In that case, they would probably just pass through each other without effect. Since there aren't any defined rules for how the Sphere interacts with non-matter, it seems like it would have no effect.

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