[RPG] What, if any, bonuses to AC can the allies temporarily ‘turn off’ so I can hit them with an Alchemist’s Healing Bomb


Healing Bomb is a splash weapon, so it would be a touch attack, and therefore armor/shield/natural armor AC don't matter.

I would have to overcome any of the target's touch AC bonuses:

  • Dexterity, Dodge, Deflection, Insight, Luck, Profane, Sacred, Size, etc.

It makes sense to me that their size AC is 'set.'

But can they will away their Dexterity to AC for a single attack? Or would it be for the whole round?

Which other bonuses can they will away?

Best Answer

I've seen this question before and wondered if a good house rule would be to treat the target as helpless. A helpless character is not defending, and in the case of a willing ally, in a similar fashion, they are not defending either. There is no bonus to the attack roll for a ranged attack, but the defender loses any Dexterity bonus to AC and, their Dexterity is treated as 0 (-5 Dexterity penalty to Armor Class). Thus the target AC would be touch AC, minus any Dex or Dodge Bonuses, minus 5.

As far as the other bonuses, I agree with Zachiel, while some are a bit more obvious than others, ultimately discuss with your DM.

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