[RPG] What if the GM knocks over the tower during a game of Dread


In Dread, the status of the tower is pretty much the entire game. If it falls over accidentally, it really sort of ruins everything. Obviously the GM stays as far away from it as possible to avoid the worst, but accidents happen. In the case of such an accident, what is a good strategy to salvage the rest of the game?

Best Answer

Why does it ruin everything? If the GM caused the fall then re-stack and pre-pull the same as if a player had.

If at any time a player other than the host causes the collapse of the tower, their character is removed from the game.

This implies to me that if the host causes the collapse then nothing much happens, just re-stack and pre-pull the correct number for the number of remaining players.

Page 50 is clearer:

Don't sit near the tower. Nothing happens in the game if you knock it over, but the story will grind to a violent halt. If it does happen, rebuild the tower and ask for some free pre-pulls -- this is the only time besides the beginning of the game when a tower fall does not mean the removal of a character.

Italic emphasis mine.