[RPG] What items and environment does an Alchemist need to brew Extracts


Is it different from what someone with Craft (Alchemy) needs to brew Potions?

I know the Formula Book is an essential, but I'm much more confused when it comes to the "lab" items, portable or not. Are these in any way required?

Best Answer

Creating Extracts requires only a minute of free time, a Formula Book, and an Alchemists Kit (or other source of suitable raw materials if your DM is kind). No special environment is required, and the ability to brew extracts to fill unused slots on-the-fly in the field is considered a given for the class, as written. Note that an Alchemists Kit is not an Alchemists Lab, and may not necessarily be assumed to be sufficient for doing things like creating Potions, Poisons, or mundane crafted Alchemical items. It is instead, roughly an Alchemists equivalent to a Wizards Spell Component pouch:

Alchemist’s Kit: An alchemist with an alchemist’s kit is assumed to have all the material components needed for his extracts, mutagens, and bombs, except for those components that have a specific cost. An alchemist’s kit provides no bonuses on Craft (alchemy) checks. (APG, pg 185)

As with a Spell Component Pouch, it can be assumed to be kept restocked by an Alchemist under normal circumstances without maintenance or significant cost. Those extracts with specifically delineated and named material components will need to have their requisites secured and stocked separately, as is usual and customary.