[RPG] What items should an archer keep an eye out for?


This will be my first pathfinder game and I'm building a human fighter focusing on ranged attacks. I'm not really familiar with 3.5 or PF items, and was wondering if there are items I absolutely must have at some point in my campaign.

Also, I'm still debating between the archer archetype and sticking with vanilla fighter. I'm not too familiar with the dex cap and how realistic it might be that I exceed +6 dex bonus (I'm guessing I want to aim for mithril?)

Any advice, much appreciated.

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This list from Rogue Eidolon's Guide to Fighters should come in handy. The guide has them rated, and it's always worth having a proper build in mind so you know what to ask your DM for. But if you need a generic "wishlist of stuff that a master archer fighter would want" take a look below.

  • Armour:

    • Celestial Armor: Master Archer’s armour of choice. Even that Dex-happy build will have to stretch to get the 34 Dex that hits the Max Dex on this beauty.
    • Animated Heavy Shield: Low priority, but it’s still useful to raise your AC.
  • Weapons, When it comes to a Fighter, the weapon makes the warrior. Thus, weapons are in their appropriate sections for each build.

    • Speed: Another Sattack per round is superb--if you have a Haste-happy Wizard in your group, though, pass on this.
    • Seeking: Seeking is an amazing enhancement for the Master Archer (and even for a backup weapon’s arrows for everyone else). Even after you have Improved Precise Shot, it's still very useful. If you're trying to save on the cost of your bow, though, consider using Seeking Arrows--it'll be clear when you need to use them (or maybe it will be rather hazy or blurry, but you get my point).
    • Holy: 2d6 extra damage against many enemy types and bypassing DR/Good? Sign me up.
    • Energy: 1d6 extra damage is nothing to sneeze at, but beware of energy resistance. Make sure you have some way to get actual enhancement bonuses on your bow before adding these, since hitting at this point is crucial.
  • Rings:

    • Protection: More AC is good. More AC to apply to Touch and Flat-Footed both? That's gold.
    • Freedom of Movement: Your CMD should be fine, but some enemies have a ridiculous CMB, so having this never hurts.
    • Force Shield: Cheaper and better than upgrading an Amulet of Natural Armor from +2 to +3. Only buy this if you don’t have some other way to get a Shield bonus.
  • Wondrous:

    • Handy Haversack: It's a staple for a reason--carry your stuff and always find the item you want on top!
    • Cloak of Resistance: Get this up as high as you can to bolster your saves. It's relatively cheap, too.
    • Belt of Physical Stats: Get Strength first then Dex, unless you’re an Archer, then switch.
    • Amulet of Natural Armor: More AC? Always useful. Get Ring of Protection first if there's a tie.
    • Ioun Stone, Dusty Rose Prism: +1 to AC is always good. Get this before upgrading the Amulet of Natural Armor and its friends to +2. Stone of Good Luck: It's a bit expensive, but it gives +1 to all your saves and skills and stacks with pretty much everything. If you ever start considering upping your +2 Wis headband to +4, I recommend waiting and getting this instead.
    • Ioun Stone, Pale Green Prism: Stone of Good Luck's more powerful older brother, it's more costly too. If you have a Bard or Bracers of Archery, it's not as impressive, but if not, the 10000 extra is clearly worth it later on when you can afford this for the +1 to hit.
    • Circlet of Persuasion: If you want to use Intimidate (or UMD), this is the item for you. It cheaply mimics having 6 higher Charisma.
    • Boots of Striding and Springing: Movement speed is very useful, especially before Armor Training speeds you back up. Get this unless you need Boots of Speed more.
    • Boots of Speed:Probably a better idea than a Speed weapon if you don't have a Wizard to Haste you, since it won't make your weapon's cost shoot up for other abilities. The limited rounds per day are its only weakness.
    • Goggles of Night: Switch these on when you need to see in the dark, unless you have Darkvision already. But, this is less useful for you than it is for many other classes.
    • Eyes of the Eagle: Hear the door creak open and act on the surprise round with these handy lenses that double as a hearing aid for some reason.
    • Ioun Stone, Dark Blue Rhomboid: Gaining Alertness gives you eventually +6 to Perception and Sense Motive, which is even better than Eyes of the Eagle, though it costs 4x as much, in part due to being slotless. And of course, its untyped, so it stacks with everything.
    • Carpet of Flying and its flying friends: Get Carpet of Flying, Wings of Flying, etc eventually so you can actually beat flying archers, particularly if you aren't an archer.
    • Bracers of Archery: This is very important to archers and nearly useless to everyone else--note that it doesn't stack with Bard's Inspire Courage, making it next to worthless if you have a Bard.
    • Headband of Mental Stats: This just isn't a very efficient way to get the Will save and Perception bonuses you probably want from the Wis boost. The Int choice is pretty good if it gets you a useful skill--that may even be how you pick up something exotic like Use Magic Device. Avoid Cha like the plague though--far better to just grab a Circlet of Persuasion.
    • Boots of Levitation / Slippers of Spider Climbing: Good for lower levels before you can afford to fly.
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