[RPG] What kind of harm ends the duration of the Incite Greed spell


The Incite Greed spell's duration can be ended by my companions doing anything harmful to the afflicted targets. What is considered harmful for the purpose of the spell's duration?

until the spell ends, or until you or your companions do anything
harmful to it.

In many places, the harm is defined when introduced as a term (see for examples: PHB 109; PHB 118; PHB 259). The harm here seems to be undefined, did I miss the definition here or on another page of the book?

Best Answer

It's up to your DM

"Harm" is not a game term and thus adjudicating it's meaning is not possible or intended with game rules. One English definition for the word is "physical injury, especially that which is deliberately inflicted."

Given this, I think it's safe to say that most DMs would interpret "harm" to include, at least, damage to HP. Some DMs may take a more liberal reading of the term and include indirect forms of harm (eg inflicted conditions) and mental health into consideration as well.

So, as with any other undefined term, ask your DM.