[RPG] What kind of tools would be used to carve bone


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I'm designing a Wood Elf Outlander Warlock (in D&D 5E) who only has one hand. This makes my arm nearly useless. As an Outlander, I am proficient with a musical instrument, and have skill proficiency in Survival.

I have designed the character as a self-sufficient hunter, who uses everything from a kill: hides for clothes, meat for food, and bones as a carving medium.

What I would like to do is trade the musical instrument proficiency for a proficiency with a type of artisan's tools that would be used in carving bones into practical things I could use, or decorative items I could sell.

What kind of tools would be used for bone-carving?

Best Answer

"Bone-carving artisan tools" is fine

The Player's Handbook, page 154 "Tools" doesn't have the exhaustive list. It describes "examples of the most common types of tools" instead:

Artisan's Tools. These special tools include the items needed to pursue a craft or trade. The table shows examples of the most common types of tools, each providing items related to a single craft. Proficiency with a set of artisan's tools lets you add your proficiency bonus to any ability checks you make using the tools in your craft. Each type of artisan's tools requires a separate proficiency.

Since there are no special rules for any of these types, sticking to this particular list doesn't make much sense — you are free to choose any type you want.

Rule-wise, "artisan tools" is a single concept. It wouldn't be really "homebrewing", because there are no new rules being introduced — you just say "I am proficient in this particular type of craft" and use the same mechanics for crafting as for other artisan tools types:


You can craft nonmagical objects, including adventuring equipment and works of art. You must be proficient with tools related to the object you are trying to create (typically artisan's tools).