[RPG] What proficiencies and starting equipment does Bard class + Entertainer background give


The Bard has proficiency with 3 instruments (e.g, Lute, Viol, Panflute) and starts with 1 (e.g. Lute). Selecting the Entertainer background allows for proficiency with 1 other instrument (e.g. Drum) and starting with a 2nd musical instrument (e.g. Panflute). Is this overlap correct?

In particular, can my lvl 1 Bard start with proficiency in Lute, Viol, Drum, Panflute, and begin the campaign with a Lute and Panflute in his inventory?

Best Answer

Yes, the Entertainer background is exactly that - a 'background' feature. It reflects what the PC did before they took up the life of adventuring. The overlap of having two musical instruments thus applies. It reflects that your Bard character's entire life has been immersed within the world of entertainment - as such, they have mastered (and possess) a wider range of instruments than a person beginning their career as a bard might normally expect to have. Do remember however that the DM is the final arbiter of their campaign and you should always run questions by them before simply accepting anything someone unaffiliated with your group says.