[RPG] What race is most similar to a cat


I'm getting ready to start a D&D 3.5 game with my kids. When I asked them what characters wanted to play, my daughter said she wanted to be a cat. I told her I was pretty sure there is a race of cat-like people, but I'm not sure.

Races of the Wild has an entry on Catfolk, but since I don't have the book I don't know what playing such a character entails. I also found a homebrew race called a Neko.

Are there any other races that my daughter could play? It'd be great if someone could point me to something that's well documented, preferably official/semi-official and fun.

Best Answer

Well, Wizards released an entire web enhancement devoted to cats as an April Fools article, which has a lot of cool options for cats. It does have at least one “playable” cat (Cheshire Cat, to be exact), but it’s not really a very playable option because it has LA +3. If it lost the DR, toned down the ability score bonuses a bit, it could possibly pass as a more playable LA +1.

The more typical answer to the desire to play as a cat is to use the tibbit race from Dragon Compendium. These shapeshifters can take on the form of a housecat, and are an LA +0 race (i.e. in line with the regular races). In their regular form, they are Small, have −2 Strength but +2 Dexterity, and Darkvision out to 60 ft.

Catfolk are in Races of the Wild, but they’re fairly disappointing. They have LA +1, and get very little to show for it, sadly.

Shifters from Eberron Campaign Setting or Races of Eberron are quasi-lycanthropes that can “shift” or become more bestial, with fangs or claws or what have you. Could be somewhat feline, but mostly it’s just humanoid with claws etc. They are LA +0, but tend to be fairly underwhelming even for an LA +0 race: while shifting, they’re pretty typical, but that means when they’re not shifting, they’re sub-par.

Both tibbits and catfolk can probably qualify as “feline” for the purposes of the feats and similar in the Fabulous Cats! article. Shifters could if you let them, I suppose.

As for homebrew, bhu has a fair amount of kitty-related homebrew, and he’s a fairly noted ’brewer. I haven’t personally read any of his cat stuff, though.